Town Size: Medium
Town Population: 84

Town of Ion

Goblin infestation near the town/settlement in a cave system within the nearby mountain range.
Entrance to ancient runes overrun by Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, and undead controlled by a minor liche.
The cave system sprawls throughout the mountain range.
The entrance to the hidden valley with ruins that sprawl for miles.
Possible dragon lair in the same mountain range.
Rumors say that a dragon is seen nearby once or twice a month.
Tribute is left at a nearby (10 or so miles away) alter, built for the purpose of appeasing the dragon and/or local fey creatures or spirits.

Ion [i-on], which lies within the Kingdom of Kepp, is nestled into a small mountain valley. Its main export is iron, while it also has a smaller export of coal. This town, while small, boasts an impressive amount of militaristic force when the need arises. Unlike many towns, this one does not have a local guardhouse from which it relies upon for defense. Instead, this town has trained itself with basic weapons; such as a mining pick and blacksmith hammer. This town is often attacked by marauding Orcs and other goblinoids. It is also near one of the only suspected dragon hoards remaining in this region.

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